This past weekend started with a quest, to see the Midi Music Festival in Century Park, Pudong, Shanghai. Four of us headed out Friday afternoon on the D train from NC; Bakes, myself, Tifa, and Manda. The train ride was uneventful but still exhausting as they tend to be, we arrived in the Bakes family residence around 10pm. After a late night dinner of homemade curry we opted for an early night.

The rest of our gang of eight arrived Saturday morning, bright and early. Bakes chose to get up and greet the guys, B, Jr, Weezy, and Nik. They headed off to breakfast while the ladies and I had a fantastic sleep in and leisurely (but very cold) showers.

When the gents had returned we made up a plan to head to the music festival around 3pm, not too early that we would get burned out on being out in the heat and listening to bands and not too late to miss out on getting our moneys worth. The ladies were hungry so we headed to the Coffee Bean around the corner and filled up on muffins before heading off to find some street vendors. Sunglasses, hats, and books abound, we were in shopping heaven and stocked up on goodies. We decided to continue our spree and headed to Huaihai Lu in order to locate some western sized clothing, highly necessary when you’re not the same size as an average  southern Chinese girl. H&M, C&A, we were in heaven. We shopped ‘til we ran out of time, then headed to Yuyuan to meet the boys and do a bit of pearl shopping. Yuyuan was packed with tourists and locals alike, all eager to get in some bargains and sightseeing. We made our way through the crowds and into the pearl market where we located a stall that I’ve been to a few times before. The girls were really happy about the selection and the opportunity to make necklaces of their choice from the pearls, stones, and beads in stock. We left with a few new purchases and much lighter wallets.

Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai

While we were busy buying jewelry the gents were off doing what boys do, buying heelies and skating around the park. The architecture at Yuyuan is gorgeous so Tifa, Manda, and I wandered around a bit before heading to The Bund to meet the guys. We walked along the river admiring the view and taking pictures, chatting, and trying to figure out what to do about the music festival. The gents had apparently lost interest in going at all. Hohum. We decided to opt out of the festival and split up again, the boys heading off to the Pudong side of Shanghai, and the ladies taking a river cruise along the Huangpu.

Pudong, Shanghai

The cruise was fantastic, very relaxing and full of great views. It was soon beginning to get dark so we headed to the Captain Hostel to take advantage of the amazing rooftop bar view and get some drinks. As darkness fell the Pudong side lit up and we were privy to an beautiful view and some great pictures. A couple drinks later we headed to Nanjing Lu to see the neon signs and people.

Night view of the Pudong skyline

Music, bright lights, and tourists galore are the usual on Nanjing Lu, but it’s definitely a sight to behold. As we were making our way down the street we saw some people dancing and stopped to watch. Soon a lovely old gentleman was beckoning Tifa to come waltz the night away with him, and she shyly obliged, to much applause from the spectators. One song later we were making our way down the road again this time with a mission to catch a cab and meet the guys plus Shanghai based friends La and Jo for dinner.

Nanjing Lu

After an argument with a cabbie:

“Women yao qu changle lu he fumin lu kou.” (We want to go to Changle Street and Fumin Street intersection.”

“Bu keyi.” (Can’t.)

“Weishenme?” (Why?)

“Aiya! Kauidian!” (Geez! Quickly!)

“Yay! Xiexie!” (Yay! Thanks!)

We were on our way to Cantina Agave for a late dinner of Mexican food. We ordered our fill in nachos, burritos, tacos, guacamole, and pitchers of margaritas. It was a feast, but to be honest, definitely not the best Mexican I’ve ever had. Poor service and overpriced bland food left me with a bit of a bad taste, only made up for by having such great company. Time to step up your game Cantina Agave.

After eating our fill we paid and headed to Windows Too, located at Jingan Temple. Cheap drinks and decent music made it a good place to kill a couple hours and let the boys get their creep on. Eventually it began to die out and we decided to move on to another bar;  I ❤ SH, a sleazy bar filled with some rather unsavory characters one of which said, after I had knocked over a chair with my purse, “You’re knocking over things with your BOOBS!”. Mind you, this was a guy in at least his mid-thirties, obese, and drunk beyond reason. I didn’t answer but I think a well placed high heel wouldn’t have been an unreasonable response…

We got out of there pretty quickly and headed to a new place, Shiva. The music was blasting, the atmosphere was only mildly pretentious, and the drinks (mine a Ginger mocktail) were delicious. We stayed for a few hours then headed home after a long day.

On Sunday we took Bakes Mama and Pops to brunch at Dakota. The food was decent and it was nice to commune with the folks. We then headed home to pack and get ready to head out to the train station.

We had some time to kill at the station and a hankering for Subway so we headed to the basement and loaded up on sandwiches galore before rushing back up to catch our train.

Five and a half hours later we arrived back in Nanchang, another weekend over.