Today was a typical day in Nanchang, especially weather-wise. It started off warm, sunny, a generally pleasant spring day, in fact the first one we’ve really had so far this year. By 2pm a wind had kicked up, the gray clouds had swept in, and we all knew we were in for more of the same; cold, wind, and rain.

Despite this treacherous weather most people ended up making it to my 2pm class. However, by the 4pm class a large number of students had decided that learning English just wasn’t worth braving the weather and instead wrote themselves sick notes. Here they are, in all their glory, straight from their notebook paper:


Dear Teacher,

Really bad because the weather is changeable. Immodesty is sick and can’t go to class. So please a holiday. Your student, B

Dear Teacher,

It will be cold and my body is out of shape. So I was sick. I had to leave you. Please your permission. Thank you! – A

Dear teacher,

This day the weather has more change, I can’t adopt it. Yesterday I feel swirl, and today I have headache. I just write a leave little, I want teacher could allowed me. Please. – J


I really couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.